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geographical applications

The geographical applications unit is designed to be synoptic in that students will be required to draw together knowledge, understanding and skills from the full course of study. It is an opportunity for students to show their breadth of understanding and an evaluative appreciation of the interrelationships between different aspects of geographical study.

what's inside?

Paper 3 - 1 hr 15 mins

  > Section A - Issue Evaluation

     What this includes:

  • Answering set questions of differing length from 1-9 Marks on questions from content within the Pre-Release Booklet.

  • Arguing for or against a stated point based upon the content of the Pre-Release Booklet.

       (37 /76 Marks) 

  > Section B - Fieldwork Exercise

     What this includes:

  • Responding to different questions on the two out of school field trips taken over the GCSE course - Southampton & Swanage from 1-9 Marks.

  • Inclusive also of more general questions on fieldwork skills, data analysis and techniques.  

       (39 /76 Marks) 

Worked 2019 Exemplar Examination
2019 Debate Arguments > Peruvian Road Building
2019 Extra Links & Documents

section a

section b

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