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aqa a-level geography resources:

Welcome to redesigned 2018 + AQA A Level (7037) Geography Resources page!  

Here, you can navigate to specific areas of the Geography curriculum, with relevant documents, exemplar and exam questions included, as well as loads of fascinating additional reading and viewing material to accompany your learning. 

Please note that currently only 6 topics are available, but in the coming months this will change!

We are your 'one stop shop' for all Geography A-Level Information.

where do you want to go?



This is a detailed document provided by the exam board breaking down all course content.


New to the geography portal? 

We recommend going here first!  It has exam technique, key words and phrases and exemplars!



Follow this link to access our huge bank of thousands of learning resources covering every topic in detail - with geographical theory, case studies and challenging A* examples and interactive elements.


This link will take you to our live geography 'world map of recommended a-level case studies' - a cool interactive tool to boost your knowledge and understanding.



Our massive bank of questions and a-level approved/standard mark schemes for all topics at A-Level allows you to pick and choose what to revise and when to do it. 


Looking to consolidate your knowledge of a topic?  These quick 20-30 minute online 'checklist' tests offer a great insight into how good your theory is. 

With the advantage of different question styles, they provide instant feedback once you've finished, and can be retaken as often as you want!

  physical (paper one)


 human (paper two)

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