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why geography?

The beauty of Geography is that it is a generalist subject - meaning that although broad, there are a plethora of fascinating fields of study within!  

From urban studies and sustainable cities right the way through to geopolitics, coastal geography and meteorology - there are numerous tailorable choices for every budding geographer - be it human, physical, or a synoptic blend of both.    

Geographers are also uniquely skilled, not only in literary skills, but also numeracy and, increasingly in recent years through developments such as GIS, are highly computer literate.

Analysing the Numbers

Did You Know?

It's increasingly popular!

Last year there were over 30,000 students in the UK Studying some form of Geographical Subject at Universities!


Did You Know?

Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge is a keen geographer!

Graduating from St. Andrew's with an impressive 2:1 in 2005.  His 10,000 word dissertation was on the coral reefs of Rodrigues, Mauritius.  

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your journey

In today's world, Geography plays a crucial role in understanding natural and anthropogenic processes around us, and is constantly relevant.


Whether you've always aimed for geography to take you to a specific place, aid directly or indirectly in a career of any sort, or to help you understand some of the many challenges facing our world.  

Here we will uncover just some of the potential paths geography can take you in more detail, and shine a light on some of the unique opportunities geography gives you.

Did You Know?

Geography unlocks many doors!

Geographers go on to have some of the widest range of careers out of any student group post-uni.

studying at university

Studying Geography as an undergraduate or postgraduate at University is a challenging but also thoroughly rewarding experience.   Most universities offer a choice between pure Geography or a degree that leans more towards Human or more towards Physical Geography. In addition, numerous geography departments organize fascinating trips, host societies, and renowned research institutes. 


If you want to find out more information all about applying for university to study a geographical related subject, entry criterion, extra reading and viewing, key skills and opportunities, please click the explore more link below.

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Did You Know?

Uni isn't the only way!

There are tonnes of great options if you're looking for a geographical career not routed through university - such as apprenticeships - for which there are loads geographically themed.

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careers with geography

Likewise, geographers are reported as having some of the most diverse range of career options post-study. Whilst geographers can choose to specialise in a particular field of geography, there are also uniquely a huge number of jobs to do with geography for graduates of the subject.

These can range from more typical vocations such as cartography, town, or transport planner, right through to some wonderfully obscure jobs such as volcanologist and catastrophe modeller.  There are also numerous potential (often combined skill careers) such as journalist and environmental lawyer. 

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